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Our online ordering process is simple and secure. We offer a variety of strip tease shows, hosts, bartenders and add-ons. Here you can choose which show would be most appropriate for your party. You customize the show to fit within your time frame, plans and budget for the event. Below is a List of the shows that our Detroit Male and Female Exotic Dancers, Strippers, Performers and Entertainers will perform. Our Party Bundles are deeply discounted for the big parties. Like the Bachelorette Party Bash, the Bachelorettes's Delight and Party Appeteazer Bundle. Our all shows include a 3 song to 5 song strip tease act depending on how far you want the dancer to strip. After the show the Dancer will offer additional dances to the guests on tips. So audience participation is way to keep your dancer at the party for a longer period of time.

Sorry we don't offer one on one, in call or out call or any type of escorting . Strictly parties of 5 people of more.

The Incredible Hunks of Men In Motion Show Price List

Male Stripper - Single Boxer Hunk
Single Boxer Hunk™

Male Stripper - Single G-String Hunk
Single G-String Hunk™

Male Stripper - Beach Towel Act
For Her Eyes Only™

Male Stripper - Single Nude Hunk
Single Nude Hunk™

Male Strippers - Double the Hunk
Double the Hunk™

Male Strippers - Triple the Hunk
Triple the Hunk™

Perfect Party Pleasers - Special Priced Bundles!

For Show Information Place Your Mouse Over the Name of the Show

Male Strippers - Party Appeteazer
Party Appeteazer™
2 Guys - 200.00

Male Strippers - Bachelorette's Delight
Bachelorette's Delight™
3 Guys - 360.00

Male Stripper - Bachelorette Party Bash
Bachelorette Party Bash™
3 Guys - 420.00
Party Apeteazers, Hosts, Waiters & Servers

For Show Information Place Your Mouse Over the Name of the Show

Male Host - Boxer Hunk Host
1 Hour Boxer Host™

Male Host - G-String Host
1 Hour G-String Host™

Male Host - Beach Towel Host
1 Hour Beach Towel Host™

Add Boxer Host Time
Extend Boxer Time™

Add G-String Host Time
Extend G-String Time™

Add Nude Host Time
Extend Beach Towel Time™

Options, Extend Show Time and Guarantees

For Show Information Place Your Mouse Over the Name of the Show

Gaurantee My Hunk
Guarantee My Hunk™

Guarantee My Host
Guarantee My Host™

Guarantee My Bartender
Guarantee My Bartender™

Proffessional Bartender
Topless Bartender™

Fantasy Costume
Fantasy Costumes™

Extra Lap Dances Barmaid
Guest Lap Dances™

Payment Options
We except all major credit cards; Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. We also take cash deposits; which can be made at our office at 696 and Southfield Road, or at any TCF bank or if you have a Pay Pal account that works too.

Your credit card will not be charged or authorized at time of placing your order. You will have a choice on the order form to pay with credit card or hold with credit card. If you hold your reservations with credit card then you can pay cash when the entertainment arrives. We will charge and or authorized your credit card the week of the party for the full amount of the order. To view our deposit requirements please click here.
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